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Our interest in animals that can be kept in terrariums led us to search for the most beautiful freshwater crayfish and crabs in the world.


Blue Pearl Lobster: Our candidate for best of all aquarium crayfish is the blue morph of the Australian species, Cherax destructor. It becomes a spectacular blue and has the proportions of a Maine lobster. It reaches up to 6 inches for jumbo males and will live up to five years in aquaria. The only problem is that many states for reasons that make little sense ban owning this species. Because it is susceptible to crayfish plague widespread in American waters, it offers a low risk of invasiness in most areas. Prevention is simple: Never release captive crays.




Vampire crabs of the genus Geosesarma are beautiful, small, and can be kept and bred in vivaria. The young undergo development within the egg and hatch as tiny but colorless replicas of the adults. They reach maturity by 6-12 months and can live at least three years.  We are one of the few businesses that work with and supply Geosesarma species.


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