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R. sarasinorum
Rhacodactylus sarasinorum

This slender Rhacodactylus is initially more flight prone than other species but with brief regular handling sessions can become quite tame. This an endearing species that makes a great pet. Its distribution is limited and it is considered a rare. Sarasinorum like to rest on branches and logs and make a nice display in naturalistic vivaria. This species has many fans among gecko hobbyists. These are not as producitve as most Rahcodactylus and their price can be expected to go up in the near future



Sarasinorum come in three broad categories of morphs:

1) The more common 'brown' morph

2) The pale yellow 'blonde' morph. Comes in a spotted variation called the 'dalmatian morph'

3) The white collared morph


Prices range from 200.00 for unsexed brown juveniles to 500.00 for blonde and 1000.00 for white collared ones.

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