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Rhacodactylus chahoua
Rhacodactylus chahoua

This uncommon species is a favorite of gecko hobbyists and one that holds great promise for the future. It’s the third largest Rhacodactylus after R. leachianus and R. t. trachyrhynchus. It’s heavy-bodied and can become quite tame as a captive. It is probably the most composed and calm of the Rhacodactylus when handling. It has outrageous reticulated irises. It also shows a great range of variation in color and pattern, a more complex aesthetics than other species. Shades of brown, tans, greens, reds, oranges, pale yellows and varying amounts of white pattern adorn this species. The potential for selective breeding real knockouts awaits the careful multi-generation work of specialists. In our experience, the I. of Pines forms get larger and are more variable than the mainland forms with lots of reds and greens. However, some of the mainland animals can be a beautiful pale pastel orange-red. Other nice features of chahoua include their tendency to bask under lights during the day. They make a great display in planted vivaria. We’ve kept them with crested geckos of comparable size with no problems. While crested geckos choose to rest on fine branches, chahoua prefers cork logs and the sides of a tank. They take 18-24 months to become sexually mature and have a few quirks, such as female aggression around the egg-laying period.


Production and costs

Looking at figures and hatch rates for the last five years, chahoua rank as the most costly to produce of the Rhacodactylus with the exception of R. trachyrhynchus. For this reason our base price is now 450.00 per unsexed juvenile

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Recommended Reading
Rhacodactylus: A Complete Guide to their Selection and Care by de Vosjoli, Fast, and Repashy

Purchasing Information for 2009
We currenly only offer pure Isle of Pines chahoua

Unsexed babies I. of Pines chahoua start at 450.00


We currently have a waiting list for this species. To be placed on the wait list e-mail This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it and type Chahoua WAIT LIST in the subject line.


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