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Leachianus Cross
Grand Terre x Henkeli Cross

At the start let’s make clear that crosses between morphotypes or subspecies are not hybrids between two species. The only reason anyone makes distinctions between morphotypes of leachianus is first because German herpetologists distinguished between the offshore island forms (henkeli) and the mainland forms (leachianus, Grande Terre), and second, because Frank Fast and I categorized population variants worth recognizing. That being said, because the captive populations of different morphotypes are small, there is a possible risk of inbreeding depression, particularly if no culling of less vigorous offspring is performed. In my opinion, it is important to accurately maintain records of the background of morphotype hybrids but it is also valuable to herpetoculture to selectively breed for vigor and beauty, including outcrossing with other morphotypes to achieve that goal. Benefits of outcrossing include increased vigor that often results in very fecund forms and unexpected color and pattern combinations. One of the more attractive leachianus morphs available today is the result of crossing a Grande Terre with a henkeli type suspected to be a high pink Nuu Ami. The ideal goal for herpetoculture would be to eventually have very large leachianus, Grande Terre Type A or C sized, that also show beautiful colors and patterns.

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Recommended Reading
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Purchasing Information
Grande Terre Type A x Nuu Ana, F2 babies starting at $400.00
Grande Terre Type B x Nuu Ana, F2 babies starting at $400.00
Nuu Ana x Duu Ana, F2 babies starting at $400.00


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