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GT 'Type A'

These are the largest extant gecko. Their distribution is limited to the Grande Terre, the main island of New Caledonia. We presented our updated grouping of Grande Terre leachianus morphotypes in a Powerpoint presentation at the New Caledonian Gecko Symposium in October 2006. The actual presentation should be available along with the other talks in DVD format sometime this year from the symposium organizer, Allen Repashy.

In summary, we currently recognize

  • Type A
    Animals from eastern forests including Yate, Poindimie and possibly Mount Humboldt. Yate forms are lighter than Poindimie forms. These tend to have no to few small light (whitish) rounded blotches. Head is flattened. Snout scales on adults tend to be uniform. Up to 15 inches.



  • ‘Mount Koghis’ Collected animals originated from the ‘Mount Koghis’ area. A distinct morph with heterogeneous snout scales. Males in particular tend to develop enlarged scales along the upper ridge of the snout. The head of mature males a larger angle (taller in back of head) compared to the more flattened heads of type A. Background color can vary from light to dark and there is a melanistic form. These geckos lack or have small light blotches and/or narrow light bars.  Most captive animals are descendants from a pair owned by the late Michael Troger. Up to 14 inches.
  • Mt. Koghis Dark MorphType B
    Geckos of undetermined origins that were bred and imported as Grande Terre animals from Europe. Most are patterned with large white blotches or bars. Some could be leachianus x henkeli crosses. Adult size is typically between 12.5 and 14 inches.

  • Type C
    Giant patterned geckos with white blotches that are descendants of a collected pair owned by Philip Tremper. These can reach 13 inches snout-to-vent length and up to 17 inches total length.

  • Type D
    A tentative grouping for ‘Riviere Bleu’ and other Grande Terre that are patterned but have short snouts. Not much information on potential size. Only more samples and data on size and growth will allow us to determine a morphotype category for these animals, assuming they do not fit in any of the above.

Relatively few Grande Terre giant geckos have been collected. Babies are always at a premium and are the most expensive of the Rhacodactylus after R. trachyrhynchus. Generation time for this species is 3-5 years.

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Recommended Reading
Rhacodactylus: A Complete Guide to their Selection and Care by de Vosjoli, Fast, and Repashy SOLD OUT!

Purchasing Information
Price range for juveniles is $700 for unsexed juvenile Type A (Yate or Yate x Dark morph, or Dark morph) and Mt Koghis (Troger line) animals. Sexed animals juveniles are 900.00 and up. Type C x A and melanistic Mt Koghis (both very limited) are 1000.00 ea. Breeding pairs of GT Type A or Mt Koghis are 5000/pair. 
For 2012, we expect limited numbers of ‘Type A’ and ‘Mount Koghis’, 'Type C x Type A' and 'Type A x Mt Koghis' Grande Terre leachianus. Check Available for a current list.


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