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Giantgeckos.com maintains the biggest and most diverse colony of Rhacodactylus leachianus, the largest of the living geckos. We thus offer the largest selection of this species, accurately represented as to origins. This year, we will also be distributing some of the Frank Fast lines of leachianus, which are descendants of different founder stock than ours. These will be identified in our available listings.



 UPDATE June, 6 2016

We are sold out of all geckos and waiting for the first ones of the year to hatch. In addition to New Caledonian geckos, we will have some of the rarer and outstanding leopard gecko species available: E. angramainyu, E. fuscus and E. hardwickii.

 NOTICE: We will not resume selling diets until we redo our website.

DO NOT ORDER DIETS. We recommend Crested Gecko MRP  from Repashy Superfoods. We personally use the Classic formula for all our animals and have used only Repashy Crested Gecko MRP on all our animals since Allen Repashy first offered a diet for Rhacodactylus geckos. We use Calcium Plus as the primary supplement for all insect eaters. Until we redo our website, these can be ordered from Repashy Superfoods. 



New Gargoyle Book is now available. List Price 24.95

154 pages, 170 color Photos 


Update: Life of Giant Geckos by de Vosjoli, Fast, and Repashy: SOLD OUT

We have sold out of The Life of Giant Geckos. Repashy Superfoods, ECO, Russ Gurley, Crested Mania, the Hampers, and Bonnie Lewis are retailers who may still have copies in the US. In Canada Mark Orfus of Northern Geckos is our distributor. 



I can't figure out why these aren't ranking among the most popular of all rhacs. Alert, responsive, beautiful and make nice displays. They are similar to leachies in terms of breeding but less productive so their value will remain high. Colors on these geckos are variable, often complex and in some cases with amazing combinations of reds and greens.

Worth noting is that Isle of Pines chahouas could be M. jalu, the new species described by Bauer et. al. I have examined some of the origiinal wild-collected males and they have the low preanal pore bearing scale count of M. jalu.


A new exciting year lies ahead and we have many cutting edge projects in the works.

 We post new animals weekly with photos in the classifieds section of kingsnake.com.


As most of you know, the genus Rhacodactylus has undergone a major revision.


Bauer, A.M., Jackman, T.A., Sadlier, R.A., Whitaker, A.H. (2012) "Revision of the giant geckos of New Caledonia (Reptilia: Diplodactylidae: Rhacodactylus)". Zootaxa 3404: 1 - 52.


We agree with the revision but feel that leachianus from Nuu Ana and Nuu Ami deserve subspecies status. A surprise to many is that the genus Rhacodactylus would now include gargoyle geckos.

Crested geckos and sarasinorum are now in the genus Correlophus.

Chahoua are now in the genus Mniarogekko and consist of two species M. chahoua and M. jalu. No Isle of Pines chahoua were examined so it's not yet clear where they fit in.


12-19-2012 Lesser rough-snouted gecko found on Grande Terre

I've just been informed by Henkel that the lesser rough-snouted gecko Rhacodactylus trachycephalus has been found in Yate on the Mainland. This is good news. Until this discovery, it was only known from the tiny island of Moro ( I could not verify claims it occurs on the Isle of Pines) and as a result considered one of the most endangered species of lizards.





We are offering 5 of our holdback out of print copies of Rhacodactylus, new condition and signed for 120.00 ea shipped. ONLY 2 left.

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Available Animals
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List last updated March, 6, 2014

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We do ship internationally but minimum order is 4000.00. Shipping typically runs 1000.00-1400.00 for a standard fish shipping box.


GiantGeckos.com Store
We offer some of the Repashy diets but are working on expanding the selection of diets and dry goods and other giant gecko related supplies. Our new store will be open February 15, 2013.

NOTICE: Do not order the 32 oz Crested Gecko Diet. The size has been discontinued.

New Section - FAQs
We now have a Question and Answer section addressing several topics related to Rhacodactylus.

New - Expanded Photo Gallery
Now 86 photos total in gallery.

Hypomelanistic Leachianus
What's new in leachies for 2013? The most exciting project we are working on with Allen Repashy is establishing a line of hypomelanistic leachianus. We know we can line breed henkeli types to produce hypo leachies but won't be able to determine until 2015 wether we can introduce this trait in Grande Terre types.

A feature of hatchling hypo leachies is the near white color with only a trace of the faintest tan pattern. The iris is typically white but we also have an adult hypo Nuu Ana male with gray irises.

We will set up a waiting list for this morphotype. We plan to offer one or two this year and up to six next year. Price will be 4500.00



NEW E-Book available now! Giant African Bullfrogs: Life History and Husbandry of Pyxicephalus.

by Philippe de Vosjoli and Robert Mailoux. A complete guide to Giant African bullfrogs and other species of Pyxicephalus. 195 pages with 130 color photos. Price is 9.99. To buy go to Amazon.com. Type African bullfrogs in the search box. If you don't have a Kindle, click on availabe for your PC under the buy button. Download the free Kindle app. Ebooks are the future of small market, specialized books.


Available Now. The Legend of Atticus Rex: Book 1 The Amulet, a children's book by Philippe de Vosjoli. Illustrated by Santiago Iborra. A children's book for ages 7 and up. No it's not a herp book but a gripping story about a young Roman boy having to face supernatural evil in the form of giant horsemen called Volgoths.

Hard copy with removable bronze amulet 17.99 ea plus shipping. 

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The book was a Kirkus Reviews Critics Top Pick for Indie books in January 2013. Lots of five star reviews on Amazon.  


Several other books and e-books are in the works for the coming year


FOR LOVERS of ODD PLANTS: The bestseller Pachyforms: A Guide to Growing Caudiciform and Pachycaul Plants by Philippe de Vosjoli has been reprinted and is now availlable. Price is 39.95 shipped through this website.


Rhacodactylus is now OUT OF PRINT. SOLD OUT. DO NOT ORDER.


The Herpetoculture of Leopard Geckos is now OUT OF PRINT. DO NOT ORDER








 Want to learn more about giant geckos, crested gecko and other members of the genus Rhacodactylus?

Rhacodactylus: The Complete Guide to their Selection and Care
Written by Philippe de Vosjoli, Frank Fast, and Allen Repashy
290 pages, 250 color photos - Published by Advanced Visions, Inc.
This book is sold out.






The Herpetoculture of Leopard Geckos
Written by de Vosjoli, Tremper, and Klingenberg DVM
259 pages, 250 color photos - Published by Advanced Visions Inc.







 Pachyforms 2 : Bonsai Succulents
Written by Philippe de Vosjoli and Rudy Lime
388 pages, more than 300 color photos - Published by Advanced Visions Inc.

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